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When can I start?

ANYTIME! The courses are designed for individual learning, start when you want.

What are the course hours?

8am to 4pm for full-time courses. With flexibility to fit around work and family commitments.

How many days a week?

MONDAY to THURSDAY for full-time courses Friday is an optional day for selfdirected study.

What do I bring?

YOURSELF! All materials are supplied.

Do I need to have drawing skills?

In all our courses we teach you the fundamentals of drawing and help you develop strong visual communication skills.

I have never operated an industrial sewing machines...

That is absolutely fine. We teach you the fundamentals so you can operate an industrial sewing machine with confidence.

I have no sewing skills...

We will teach you basic to advanced sewing skills.

I have no computer skills...

We teach all our students from basic to advanced computer skills, so you are confident to navigate through our industry software.

What kind of projects can I expect?

Projects are based on commercial practice in graphic design or fashion design. Take ideas from concept to final design, then turn them in to reality.

Are your courses NCEA approved and do they provide NCEA Credits and Certificates?

Absolutely! All of our courses are NCEA approved, meaning they meet the industry standards set by NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement). By enrolling in our courses, you can earn valuable NCEA Credits and Certificates, recognized qualifications within the New Zealand education system. Rest assured that our education is aligned with national standards, providing you with a pathway to academic success and future opportunities.

Are the course fees eligible for support?

YES! We are pleased to inform you that all of our course fees are eligible for support. Whether you qualify for Zero Fees or Study Link support, you can pursue your educational goals without the burden of excessive financial obligations. We understand the importance of making education accessible and affordable, and our commitment to providing support ensures that financial constraints won't hinder your learning journey. Find out more about what support might be available to you here.

Are you committed to a creative industries pathway but not yet ready to leave school?

Unlock your creative potential without compromising your education! At The Design School, we offer part-time study options for those committed to a creative industries pathway while still attending school. By enrolling in our programs, you can earn additional design credits towards NCEA, further enhancing your academic achievements. Our flexible and comprehensive curriculum allows you to pursue your passion for design while maintaining your commitment to school. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in the creative industries by joining The Design School's part-time study program.

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