Level 2 Under 25
Foundation Skills in Fashion Design

Have you dreamt of
becoming a
fashion designer?

fashion design under 25

If you have ever dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, this is the course that starts turning that dream into reality.

If you are looking for an alternative to school or you know design is your pathway, achieve NCEA and more focused on fashion design and textiles. This programme includes two qualifications to make sure you get the right start towards a Fashion Design career.



NCEA Level 2 
NZ Certificate in Arts & Design Level 2

120 NZQA Credits

36 Teaching weeks

Zero Fees.
Eligible for StudyLink support.

Where does it lead?
This course gives students the qualification and portfolio for entry to level 3 Design courses.

Entry requirements
Open entry to students under 25 years old without a level 2 qualification. Those with an existing level 2 qualification in a different field of study may still be eligible for this course. 

No hidden costs
All equipment, materials and printing are supplied.

What’s in the course?

Students study a range of subjects including drawing, design thinking and critical thinking, textiles & fashion design, computer graphics and the Literacy and Numeracy skills for design. 


Students learn:

  • Creative processes and drawing skills to communicate design ideas using a variety of techniques and media including computer graphics.

  • Design skills and technologies and how to apply them in various design activities including; Branding, Hoodie Design, Re-Cycled Fashion Design
    and Conceptual Design.

  • Use industrial sewing equipment to turn your ideas into reality.

  • How the fashion design industries have developed in New Zealand and Internationally and what are the future opportunities.

  • How to work and talk like a designer including how to manage creative processes, work to deadlines, present design work and not break copyright laws or make ethical mistakes.

What is achieved?
On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  •  Apply elementary design processes and techniques to conceptualise and clarify solutions to standard fashion design briefs.

  • Apply the Elements and Principles of Design.

  • Communicate design concepts visually, orally and in written form.

  • Use elementary Textiles and Sewing skills to realise designs.

  • Collaboratively present and reflect upon own and others work.

  • Demonstrate elementary work practices in fashion design contexts.

  • Demonstrate understanding of legal and ethical considerations in design (including Copyright Law and the implications of the Treaty of
    Waitangi for design).

  • Understand employment opportunities in the creative industries.

  • Understand history of design in New Zealand and Internationally.

Pathway to your design career

Student Gallery

Explore some of the work our talented students have created