What our Students have to say about us:

"Where I started my growth as a designer, understanding design elements and using the computer. The teachers have been, really helpful with the decisions I make with my designs. The teachers actually help all of the students and give them good feedback.

You have freedom to express your work."

Awhi Anderson - 2023 Part Pime Student 

"My experience at The Design School has influenced my growth and taught me the basics of Abode, how to problem solve and helped me to understand a large range of design.

It has contributed to my personal life positively as I’m able to be more open and be supported. The community here helps my learning as the tutors feel safe to talk to, even with “little” things. Compared to my other option of staying in school, I think educationally I’ve become more confident with my work and choices.

It is a small space, feels more relaxed but still professional."

Theo Quinn - 2023 Full Time Student

"My experience has helped me to become more confident in my skill and bringing my imaginations to life. It has been non-judgmental and nurturing towards learning and gaining skills. An environment that gives instant feedback and help is very valuable to me."

Cerys - 2023 Part Time Student 

"When I first went to the design school I had no idea what I was going to do with my life, I was pregnant with my first baby, step mum to twins and at a loss to do but knew I didn't want to just work at a cafe or something when I was ready to go back to work.

So I took a chance on the design school, and it paid off!!

I have gained the creative skills I needed too to be able to walk flawlessly into the bachelor of applied arts next year.

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement from my tutors Ricky and Phil.

I definitely recommend to anyone that has a creative background and wants to take if further!"

Gemma Keene

Life changing. I dropped out of high school and continued study here... This school changed me for the better and my life the tutors even taught me life lessons no one else has taught me. Amazing school.

Caleb Macintyre

"The design school assists in the development of the artistic future of Whangarei."

Te Warihi Hetaraka

"I loved attending here. It broadened my concept of design, I met like minded people and even got the opportunity to have a client.

Design cannot be defined. It is chaos, it is order, it is a solution to a problem. It's not just black and white. Attending this school, you learn this and sooooo much more."

Jazmyn Austin

"What a great place to learn and be supported in your learning."

Zoe Nauschutz


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