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Creative Industries are booming!

The job opportunities are huge and keep growing every year.

The Creative Industries have grown faster than any other field of employment and there are now more than 130,000 designers in New Zealand. This represents more than $10b to New Zealand’s economy every year and makes it bigger than all of agriculture combined.

The opportunities are wide ranging. More than 70% of designers are self employed who can choose to work on the projects that they are passionate about and follow their dreams and aspirations wherever they may lead.

As more and more people realise the benefit of good design, job opportunities are expanding year by year and New Zealand designers lead the world for their creativity and innovation.

At The Design School we focus on Graphic or Fashion Design as the pathways to any of the creative disciplines. 

Explore the options and launch your design careers here.
We work a bit differently to most Schools and Tertiary providers. All our courses are purpose made for creative people with small groups and lots of one-to-one teaching. This also means courses can be started at any-time during the year.

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